Get the 
Enphase Enlighten

to Monitor Your Solar System, FREE

Not Happy with Your Electric Bill
Despite Solar System On?

Download the app then follow instructions below



Open the App on your phone then click FORGOT PASSWORD


Enter your email that is associated with your solar finance company (where you receive your payment reminders - probably the same email you gave us)


Check spam/inbox for an email from Enphase with the SUBJECT: Enphase - Password Reset Request


4. open the email then Click Reset Password link


Create a password 10 characters long with at least 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase letter and a symbol (not all symbols are accepted), then enter it a second time (Make Sure They Match)


On the next screen enter the email you used and the new password you created

If you are having an issue with your electric bill being too high or your solar not high enough see this video. 

If you would just like to learn how to use the Enphase Enlighten App then please click HERE or skip down to the next section

Please Send Us

Your current month's electric bill and a bill from exactly a year ago

Please Give Us Access to, or Screenshots from your Enphase Enlighten Account

Download and install Enphase app we emailed you or by clicking this link and following the instructions:

Click ENERGY on the Enphase App

to see and screenshot your solar systems total/monthly production.  Then send them to us.

Send us yourEnphase ENERGY production screenshot (

Click on ENERGY then LIEFTIME,  screenshot  & send it.  Also, do the same for every MONTHLY PRODUCTION value since PTO

Click ARRAY 

This will show you, and help us determine, how each group, array, or solar panels is working.

Send a screenshot of EACH ARRAY'S PRODUCTION 

Send a screenshot of EACH ARRAY'S LIEFTIME & MONTHLY PRODUCTION for as many months as possible since PTO (System On)

Send by text to Paul: 908-377-1391 &/or Jasmine: 908-875-2712 or email to info@WalkerPower.Energy

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