Click to learn about & download the Enphase Enlighten app

Most solar companies use an Enphase inverter to make your solar energy usable AC energy for your home..  Click above to download the apple or android app and see instructions to understand your electric production that the app shows.

Are you feeling the global warming?

However you feel about Global Warming, the government has created policies we have to live by.  FACT:  The price of electricity is rising a whole lot faster than the temperature!

Don't Be the Robinsons

See what happens to the Robinsons.  Like their neighbor, they had the opportunity to Go Solar and get a new roof.  They didn't so their bill kept increasing at 20% annually, they couldn't afford a roof or mortgage.
Don't be the Robinsons.

Path to No Electric Bill

Do you want to Eliminate your electric bill? This is how!If you would like a new roof, this is the perfect time. Don’t pay another roofer $15,000 upfront without decent warranties. Our installer partner is a Master Elite Roofer who provides lifetime roof warranties included with your project and backed by the 140 year old NJ-based roofing company GAF.  

When you bundle your Roof & Energy, the roof might have no cost.

Everyone knows you save money when you bundle purchases, but did you know that with the state & federal incentives you could make your investment back in just a couple of years?  Of course, many don’t have the cash available or access to the cash, so, until they speak with us, they think they’re a victim of circumstance.  

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