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Solar Initiative Tax Credit

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How To Get the  Federal Solar Initiative Tax Credit (SITC) 

This is a one-time federal tax credit that can be taken in parts over a few years if it is too large to obtain at once. The credit is based on the cost of the solar system at a percentage determined by the year purchased. The SITC was scheduled to be 22% this year and it would have been the last purchase year available. The one good thing that COVID-19 has done for Americans who own solar is that it increased and extended the SITC to 30%.

We are not accountants, nor do we claim to be. We ARE able to answer general questions and point you to one of our associated accountants if necessary.

Unfortunately, too many accountants don’t understand the solar tax paperwork. If you purchased/financed solar and it is installed then YOU QUALIFY FOR A FEDERAL TAX CREDIT of potentially TENS of THOUSANDS OF $$! Check out our FREE, downloadable, guide below where I show you how. Please feel free to call our NEW JERSEY OFFICE You can also EMAIL us with questions. Just click below.


Solar Renewable Energy Certificates

How To Get the SREC, NJ Solar $?

What is an SREC? What is a TREC? What is a SUSI?  Basically, they all represent the same thing, a green energy credit which equals1000kWh of solar energy production.  Specifically, each represents a different payout amount.  Since SREC was the term most well-known, that's what we will use here.

How do I get them? When do I get them? This video answers all that. For new solar owners since the summer of last year NJ gives a fixed amount of $90 per SREC for 15 years. After your solar panels produce 1000kWh of energy, you earn $85.  This will be directly deposited in your bank account according to the paperwork you fill out with your solar installer.

This quick video explains the basics regarding the NJ Solar Money; how to figure out the number of SRECs you get and how often you get them. Walker Power makes sure all our customers have their paperwork filled out to receive their solar money.

Walker Power makes sure you get your SREC money

Since you purchased your system, you own all the rights to the SRECs, even if you move before they are finished being paid out. BTW, they are a great tool to swing home buyers who on the fence and it won't affect your immediately.  If you do not own your system, you do NOT receive money for production.   During a presentation, your solar salesman will most likely show you the total received over 15 years and the monthly average.

Free Roof

Interested in a Nearly FREE ROOF?

Yeah, who isn't?   But this is the United States of America.   There is no free lunch and no free roof.

Everything has some type of charge.  When you Bundle your roof with solar, most people end up paying less per month when compared to their electric bill only.

PLUS, you get 30% back due to the Federal Solar Tax Credit

NOTE:  This depends on the size, type, angle and orientation of your roof as well as the size of your electric bill and other factors.  The best part is that you get to see what your savings would be before your say yes.  And, no matter what, you won't need to pay $10,000 to $20,000 upfront like most roofers require.

A few people who Know about Solar

The best part about the fact that we treat our customers like family, is that people are so thrilled about us that many have made videos describing their experience.  There are many reasons everyone trusts our company, Walker Power. Our customers haven’t just heard our slogan, they have experienced our slogan. When you solar with walker power you solar with family!

When you bundle your Roof & Energy together the roof might have no cost.

You will get the most comprehensive, life- time coverage, warranties, on a roof installed by the most talented group of roofers, the top 2% in the country, our GAF master elite roofers. You might be thinking, “no way can I afford quality like that” so how would you feel if you got all of that essentially for free…with 50 year warranties, backed by GAF , of course? Would you like if we came back only a few days after you agree that you want the roof in order to give you a free roof patches to stop any small current leaks until we come back after receiving the permits and completely redo the entire roof?

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